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What started out as an idea between friends, the original concept for RallyHub was born out of Abbey Hill Steam Rally in 2019 as just an online application process for exhibitors which issued QR code passes for applications that succeeded on approval.

In 2022, Abbey Hill wanted to expand the functionality within the system to not only take online applications for exhibitors, but online applications for camping and traders.

What is now "RallyHub" is a feature-rich solution, available for any show, based on the original internal admin system for the people behind Abbey Hill that continues to aid in making their show preparation easier and more efficient by providing an intuitive online solution.

RallyHub has helped us bring our exhibitor booking into the 21st Century. Being voluntary led, we were spending countless hours producing and processing paper forms as well as producing passes and posting replies.

RallyHub has streamlined all of this to enable us to concentrate more on organising the show rather than managing the paperwork, it has also reduced the stress considerably.

Furthermore, since introducing QR codes for entry, we have completely eliminated the previous issue of exhibitors counterfeiting passes, meaning have not only saved money here but also in our annual postage costs - which topped over a thousand pounds.

We would throughly recommend RallyHub to any other organiser as it really is a one-stop shop for Steam Rallies!

Robson James

Abbey Hill Steam Rally

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